Hello! This is my (Blaise Watson’s) site where where I post projects and sporadically blog. It’s the best place to keep up to date on me and things I’m working on.


Here’s my github: https://github.com/ch33zer

Here’s a selection of software projects you may find interesting:

  • You Autocomplete Me (Github) - A fun little web game. Put in a query, then guess the autocompletes for that query.
  • Japanese -> English Translator - A barely functional Japanese to English translator. Built to understand the transformer architecture and attention.
  • Fourier Playground (Github) - Fourier transform playground: take the Fourier transform of functions or SVGs and plot them.
  • Zoom (Github) - Create a zoomable fractal character string. Try passing the ?chars=<string> URL parameter, like this
  • Shapes (Github) - Animation of a neat shape. Absolutely pointless, except that I really like it :D
  • Advent of Code 2023 - Archive of my solutions to Advent of Code for 2023
  • Self deleting (GitHub) - Every time anyone accesses the page a random character is deleted.


I love road/mountain/long distance biking. Here’s a blog from a 2021 bike ride I did across the US: http://blaise.bike. Here’s my Strava.


I’m looking for work! Reach out at dblaisewatson@gmail.com

Resume available here