Fourier Playground


Welcome to the Fourier Playground! This page serves as a place for you to visualize functions and their Fourier Transforms (video by 3Blue1Brow, who inspired this tool). You can input any function (as a function of t), or upload an SVG, and the path traced by that function/SVG will be used as the input function. The Fourier Transform of any input function is an approximation of the function represented using only the addition of rotating vectors. You can control how many vectors with the Num frequencies input. You can control the range over which T will increase (T Start to T End), and the rate of increase through that range. If you don't see anything in the plots below you may be at the wrong zoom level, try using the Use Suggested button to reset the zoom to an appropriate value. Be aware that the SVG URL feature depends on the server hosting the URL allowing loads via CORS, so it is unreliable. It's better to just download any SVG you want to test then upload it. This page is entirely local, it doesn't communicate with any server except to load any SVG URLs you enter. Source code is available here. This makes use of math.js

Here are a few interesting functions you can plug in:

Here are a few SVGs for you to try out:

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